IEng CPD Example

Hi All, 

I am starting to record my CPD for the IEng registration. Can anyone share an example of a recorded CPD. 



  • Hello Gopesh,

    The CPD recording platform gives you choice to record what type of CPD you would like to record with dates and hours you would like to claim for the CPD.

    As an example could you you attending a training within your employer for certain hours or days.

    You can write a short description on this CPD for your record so when reviewing it gives a reminder what the training was for.

    Remember when you do get the PRI you may be asked what platform or how did you record your CPD. There is also question on CPD when you do your self assessment (section E4)

    Hope it is helpful and wish you best of luck in recoding your CPD.


  • Hi Syed

    I will write down my CPD and have my mentor to go through. 


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