A Planner / Forensic Delay Analyst Manages to Obtain CEng Registration

I am a planner with more than 5 years of experience in planning and programming. I am an advanced Primavera P6 user specialising in project management and scheduling, resources planning and Earned Value management and etc. for multi million GBP equivalent construction projects for both Civil and E&M projects. 

In addition, I am experienced in time related construction claims including delay and disruption claims in various form of contracts including NEC4. Meanwhile, I assist Programming Expert to produce Expert Report and provide Expert Evidence for disputed cases in Arbitration and Litigation, working closely with Programming Experts.

However, it is worth noting that my BEng Degree is in Electronics Engineering, which may seem unrelated to Building or Civil Engineering.

As a MIET, I am curious about the possibility of attaining Chartered Engineer status for someone with a similar background. I would greatly appreciate any advice on selecting the appropriate areas of expertise and specialisms, as well as insights into the process of obtaining CEng registration.

  • Hi,

    First thing is: don't worry about what your degree is in! Contrary to myths, you don't need any degree for CEng so you've already got a head start.

    Based on what you've posted here, your main area to think about will be showing that you actually take responsibility for technical (not just business) decisions. But, because everybody's application is different and personal, my main piece of advice is the one we always give which is to contact a volunteer Professional Register Adviser (PRA). We don't cost anything, we're real engineers, and we're friendly and helpful! (Not me though as I'm already swamped with cases...)


    In the meantime, download a copy of UK-Spec and look particularly at the A and B (technical) competences for CEng - but don't panic if none of the examples seem quite right for you, your PRA can work through with you to look for appropriate examples from your experience. 




  • Thank you very much for your information provided.

    I have read thru the links provided and I do understand those requirements. As for how could I relate my experience to the UK SPEC. It seems only a PRA with similar working experience would be helpful for my case.

  • A good PRA from any background will understand the principles of competency and commitment as well as UK&u and will be able to guide you. 

  • It seems only a PRA with similar working experience would be helpful for my case.

    Gerard beat me too it! Yes, 100% to his reply. Remember that the people who assess your application may (or will) not have your background either, a PRA can see your application through their eyes and help you get it in terms they will appreciate. And help explain to you what they are looking for.