Knowledge management in the Electrical Supply Industry PhD.

I am a PhD student and have recently joined the IET. I am studying knowledge management in the electrical industry and was advised to visit IET and was told you would be interested in my work.

This study focused on the skill gap and ageing population in the electrical supply industry.

The topic examined the sharing of knowledge face to face, this is called tacit knowledge. This is knowledge that has been accumulated over time. The study has been carried out in New Zealand with a particular focus on electricity generation and distribution sites.

The data was gathered from sites in the North and South Islands in New Zealand

A Social Network Model that Demonstrates the Influence of Tacit Knowledge Transfer in Electrical Practitioners Industry Environments.

The research employed a mixed method quantitative social network analysis survey and qualitative semi-structured interviews. 

  • Hi Johanna

    It might be worth looking at a IET discussion thread called

    How do we solve the Catch 22 of Skills? by Alex Taylor

    I think there could be some overlap and possibly the people on that discussion would be interested in your study and thoughts.

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    Thank you for this suggestion.