High Voltage (<1.5KV) R&D Training Course UK Availability?


As things move higher in voltage from our current DC 12-48V systems into higher voltage solar and EV connected DC systems, we are looking for a general high voltage safety training course for R&D lab engineers.

Does such a course exist in the UK? We would only have a small number of attendees, so on-line or public courses would be needed.

Everything I can find so far is for power distribution or switch gear environments. We are ideally looking for lab environment safety courses.

Thanks in advance.


  • I can't help you directly but it is worth noting that high voltage is in many IEC contexts defined as >1kVac(rms)/1.5kVdc nominal, and under those terms what you're talking about is low voltage, so if you're searching for "high voltage courses" this is probably why you're getting lots of pictures of switchgear, transformers etc. I would imagine if you look for more general electrical safety courses you might get closer to what you want.

    There are more specific courses around EV and PV systems, but it's not clear whether you're looking for something from an installer's perspective or as a user simply being safe in their presence.

    (I've come across this before with job applicants coming from automotive declaring HV skillsets)

  • Thankyou for the correction, I'll have another look around.

    We are a product design company, focusing on DC power conversion, so battery to battery chargers, AC chargers and inverters. We are are looking for our R&D engineers to be safe in the workplace and take best practice when dealing with higher voltage equipment under test/use including, but not limited to, EV battery chargers, EV battery packs and solar arrays,