PRI questions

I had my PRI for my CEng today and I do not have the best feeling. It took over 7 months to schedule an interview for me and I changed my job shortly before the application, therefore there was not too much to document for my current job at this time. I prepared the interview based on my past experience and the topics I have documented in the written application, but I had the feeling they wanted to understand more what I am currently doing.

Now I have 2 questions:
1) In case that the application gets rejected, do I have to re-start the whole application process or only the parts which have been assessed as insufficient?
2) My understanding for the PRI is that I have to refer to my application or can I add new things in the interview which happened between the submission of the application form and the interview? I would have way better projects to discuss about to show my competencies on my current role, but I stuck to the ones I used in the application form.

In general, if I have to re-do my application, is there any opportunity to have a F2F PRI? I have some anxieties of having these Zoom interviews or "exam situations" and I prefer much more a in personal interview.

Thanks a lot.

  • Sorry to hear about your PRI concerns.  Just to answer some of your questions.

    Any new or later application will be a full new/2nd PRI with all questions open again.  You can off course ask for a F2F PRI if this makes the process easier for you. The IET fully recognises EDI and will adapt its processes to accommodate applicants and their concerns.

    RE the PRI you have experienced, having a new role is not unusual and you should have been asked for this at the start. You can then agree if you can include this new role or not based on length of time in post etc. However, the PRI is a full career review so all experience should be captured or included. 

    An interview should not come down to which size screw you used or what type of code etc. Its all about concepts. We also have to accept that some applicants will not be  able to talk about the ins and outs of their roles but this should not stop an assessment. I can still satisfy myself as to an applicants competencies without knowing what item was made or what code did etc. 

    If you do feel that the PRI was not correctly run and did not allow you to demonstrate your competencies and let the interviewers verify your experience, do feel free to drop a note to the IET. Its not an unusual thing to do and applicants often do this. Explain your concerns and why.  Send this to and it will eb taken from there. 

  • Okay, thanks a lot for the reply. I have one more question: I am not British and I am socialized in a way that everything what I am doing is a team effort, so I am really going back often instead of "I" and "me" to "we" and I think this is nothing what I get really rid of especially if I am talking. Is this a concern for the interview? During the interview I think I mainly used the phrase "we".

  • It's also a challenge for British applicants! I'm sure the interviewers will have worked this out - if they had doubts about what you did personally they probably would have asked you to be clearer about this.

    As general advice to candidates, absolutely do make sure that you always say "I", not "we" or "the team" or "the company", both in the application and the interview. The whole process is about you - it's a rare chance to boast! I find most candidates need to really practice this - the only ones who don't tend to be the self employed who are used to selling themselves. 

    But Lars, I'd suggest waiting to see what the outcome is, it can be very hard to judge from interviewee's side how well it went. If, unfortunately, it is a rejection this time you will be given the opportunity to work with a PRA on a revised application, and the PRA will have full access to the interviewers' (and other assessors') comments, and will be able to help you prepare thoroughly for a re-submission. But equally, you don't need to worry about that if this current application is successful. One step at a time!

    Good luck,