UK-Spec Self Assessment Evidence requirements

I've filled out my IEng application in full and ticked the self assessment competencies, however I structured my career history responsibilities to directly reflect competencies along the way. Is it necessary that I still fill out the self assessment and attach it.

Or better yet, can I copy and paste the same evidence into multiple sections rather than rewrite something for each one as evidence.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    The self Assessment summary should be  viewed as a self check. An opportunity for you to review the competency framework (Uk SPEC) and to record  examples from your full career.  You can then construct a career history and weave the examples from the assessment summary into the career history as examples of your competencies.  Up to you if you include the Assessment summary as sort of an example of your workings.  Some assessors will look at the assessment summary- I do!  Others may not and concentrate just on the career history.   Nothing to be lost from including it. 

  • If you have a good application that reflects the competences in your employment history, I would recommend spending the time refining the application with a PRA (if you haven't already) and not worry too much about including the self-assessment.  As Gerard has said, this is a self-check to review and record details against the UKSPEC criteria, but as you have already got this in your employment history it should be sufficient.