Re-application of CEng timeline

Hello All,

I have been one of the unfortunate ones to have missed Chartership on the first run - even after getting my application reviewed with two different PRA's.

My question is releated to the timeline or the processing time in case of the re-application.

I assumed that the initial registration stage will be much quicker in this case and the Peer review will be taking much longer (analysing the changes or competencies I have worked on). 

It is very surprising that the initial registration stage took much longer than the original one ( nearly two months). Is there a delay in processing all the regular ones or am I being the unfortunate one here?



  • Hi,

    Someone may correct me, but my understanding is that every application is considered as a new application (certainly when you complete a resubmission you should assume it's going to be looked at completely fresh).

    So as far as I know the expected timelines are exactly the same, as it is going in front of the same panel stages for assessment. So it's the same matter of chance as to how long it takes to assemble the appropriate review panels.


    even after getting my application reviewed with two different PRA's

    Just a reminder to all that as PRAs we can't guarantee that your application will succeed, that's down to the assessment / interview panels. All we can do is make sure you've presented your case as best as is possible. People do fail to get through because they haven't shown on the application or interview the competences they do have, and hopefully we can help make sure that doesn't happen. But whether those competences are enough can only be decided by the panels.



  • Hi, I believe the entire process will take approximately 22 weeks, similar to the duration of the initial application.?

  • Depending of course on whether additional information is required, and that's the bit which hopefully shouldn't happen on a re-application - although I have known it to happen where the applicant hasn't been clear about what has changed since their original application.

  • Thanks Andy,

    Based on the PR course I attended a while back and the information I received, I thought that the initial step for registration would be to ensure if I meet all the essential criterias (education, experience, training or certification completed etc)  and is there any career gap. Hence, I assumed this step would be lot quicker and more focus will be on the competencies, responsibilities and deciding the panel.

    Regarding the PRA comment, I totally agree that the final result is based on the panel and their decision. But the feedback I received from the final assessor was exactly the same as my PRA, except it was negative effect. Anyways, I have worked through my application and hoping this time will succeed.

  • True Andy, I would also add about finding the suitable SME's and Panel members being available for the PRI etc. Last time it took 38 weeks for me ( from submission to final decision). 

  • Andy is correct;n will be assessed as new. 

    If you made it through to interview the first time, you need ensure that you demonstrate whatever competence was deemed to be missing at interview on your application and in interview, assuming you get another one. 

    Itent fully without knowing how your application went, what the outcomes were, and why you were declined.