Inappropriate Comments - Encouraging female students to take STEM subjects at A level

Yesterday I replied to a lady who was interested in encourage more GCSE students to take science subjects at A level.  I was quite disappointed by some of the replies from people and may i suggest you take a hard look at the question before ranting.  It also maybe prudent to refresh yourself with the IET Mission Statement; we are professional engineers.  Please do not tarnish our heritage.
  • Thanks for raising this John. We really want this community to be a welcoming space for all who are interested in engineering.


    Can I remind everyone that our community etiquette guidelines ask forum users to 'post with purpose - to inspire, inform, enable or support fellow users'. The community guidelines can be found on each forum category page and also in the 'help' area. If you see comments that fall short of the standards laid out in the guidelines please do report them  so our moderators can deal with them. The report button is now within the three dot menu on each forum post.