Take part in our video project for International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Would you like to be involved with our Purple Light Up video?

International Day of People with Disabilities, or Purple Light Up Day, takes place on 3 December.

This is an opportunity to celebrate disabled talent across the IET and the world! Did you know 15 percent of the world’s population are living with a disability – that’s more than 1 billion people!

The theme for this year is 'Not All Disabilities are Visible', to shine a light on this we want to create a video of as many different colleagues, members and volunteers as possible to highlight the diverse and unique talent we have at the IET.

The idea is to have short 5-10 second videos that the talented IET.tv team will put together to create a reel, which will be shared across the IET's social media platforms. They’ve helped us put together some Top Tips for recording to ensure that your videos look great - these will be posted in the comments!

Disability is a broad area and we’re looking for members, volunteers and colleagues from a range of different lived experiences, including physical, visible, invisible, mental health, neurodiversity, and long-term health conditions.

We really want to celebrate people first and foremost, and show that disability is just one part of who they are. We want to raise awareness and remove stigma to break down stereotypes. We need your help to achieve this!

If you’re comfortable sharing who you are and what your disability is, please use Version 1:

I’m [insert Name here], and I have [insert disability here].

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable talking about their disability. We’d love for you to still take part and use Version 2:

I’m [insert Name here], and I have a disability.

If you’re a colleague that doesn’t have a disability but would like to support our Purple Light Up movement or want to celebrate a hidden disability and help remove the stigma that surrounds it please use Version 3:

I’m [insert Name here], and not all disabilities are visible.

If this is something you would like to get involved with please email your video to inclusion@theiet.org. If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you so please email us!

  • Top Tips for filming

    Lighting – make sure lighting is consistent where possible (filming outside will make this more difficult), and that the light is behind the camera illuminating your face.

    Positioning – position the camera at hairline height so that you are looking directly into it, making sure you’re not looking up or down. Ensure your head and shoulders are in the frame, with your eyes in the top third of the frame.

    Camera – please film horizontally. On a phone camera this may feel odd as you usually use it portrait, but it is important for the editing for all of the videos to be this way round.

    Background – try to declutter your surroundings so that the focus is on you. If you’re filming indoors, being in a carpeted room is really helpful as they are less echoey.

    Clothing – please do not wear the same colour as the background! Where possible avoid very small/tight patterns and stripes.

    Audio – If you can, please use a suitable microphone. If you do not have a specific external microphone, using headphones with the built-in microphone is best as this gets the recording closer to your mouth and provides clearer sound. If you do choose to film outside, please be aware of wind noise, and should anything cause a loud noise (e.g. a siren going past) please stop and start a new recording.

    Finally, make an impression! Don’t forget to smile, be expressive and get your story across.