The future manufacturing engineer - ready to embrace major change?

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What will the future manufacturing engineer look like? What are the key skills that engineers will need to survive and thrive? 

To find out, in partnership with iMechE, we conducted a survey that generated 346 responses. These came from a cross section of age groups, ranging from 18 to over 75 years old, and from different levels of seniority. 

  • 84% of respondents named automation, robotics and mechatronics as the most important knowledge and skills for manufacturing engineers in the next ten years.
  • Energy, transport, and the circular economy were listed as the top challenge areas where manufacturing engineers can make the most significant contribution.
  • Respondents also said that future manufacturing engineers will need strong soft skills to survive and thrive, with communication skills, creativity and design thinking ranked as the top three.

Read our full report for a snapshot as to what engineers are thinking and feeling about where manufacturing engineering is currently and how it will evolve. Based on the results of this survey, we have also highlighted key action areas. 

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