Maintaining professional registration without the IET

Anybody know how I can maintain professional registration with the Engineering Council if I decide to leave the IET?

  • Yes, as a member of the Millennial generation, I am also considering not renewing my IET membership due to the excessive amount of "woke" politics being endlessly pushed in the IET Magazine and organisation in general. I do not wish to promote, fund or read this endless political propaganda.

    When I first started reading the IEE/IET magazine circa 2000 there was focus on engineering and technology and not pushing a political agenda for social engineering. In the past decade this has transformed to there being rarely an issue whereby there is not somewhere promoting women over men in the competitive jobs market, and moaning about how hard-done women are by not being as interested in engineering (while completely ignoring the stark general genetic differences between men and women with naturally different interests, and ignoring the family structure where most men are supporting wives and children), endless promotion of "diversity" and foreign workers over local interests and sustainability, promotion of anti-White organisations such as BLM and their faux grievance politics, promotion of politics surrounding those with abnormal reproductive instincts, promotion of political policies such as unobtainable "net zero" lunacy etc. That such off-topic issues are repeated ad-infinitum is bad enough, but this is combined with a complete lack of balance and rarely an opposing viewpoint. The smug replies above typify those who conform in their "woke" looney-liberal echo-chamber who almost dismiss anyone who does not share their naive civilizationally-destructive outlook as non-human. Such a toxic echo chamber has developed despite many many people out there opposing this narrow brand of politics, but don't want to stick their heads above the parapet in case if affects their career.

    Most professionals leave their politics out of the workplace, but this has not stopped the IET from promoting this propaganda in what is supposed to be a professional organization. It all detracts from what was otherwise an excellent organisation that I volunteered for and enjoyed partaking in many face-to-face events with over the years.

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