Embracing Digital Credentials

I think the IET should be leading the pack and issuing digital credentials for membership levels. Although the support for City & Guilds is a start as well as the link via the IET academy, they should set the example for the PEI's and influence EngC in issuing credentials for professional registrations. APM are an organisation setting the standards here.

Views and Thoughts appreciated especially from the IET to support progressive recognition in this digital age.

  •   - Good thinking! I advocate the same, digital accreditation has already become the norm in many Tech enterprises. This is the trend indeed!

  •   its so much more than in the tech industry now!

    City and Guilds are probably paving the way in the Engineering sector in the UK to be honest.

    What's mad is that BCS aren't even issuing digi badges but City & Guilds and APM are even though they did a report on it! 

    The IET really need to get on this one especially for members, tech members and fellows and then lobby EngC for prof reg badges in the future.

       Is this something you are aware of or who do you know who could move this forward with the likes of Credly on our behalf because once this is implemented, badges will be springing up all over LinkedIn significantly improving the IET's visibility on the platform and setting the standard for all PEI's here and probably abroad?

  • Hi, not one that I'm aware of in terms of who is leading on it.  I know that  has been supportive of the tagging and badging here for CEng/Volunteer etc on the new EngX platform but don't know if this is possible or considered more widely.

  • I'm afraid I'm no wiser, Kathryn. There were murmurings a year or so ago when we were talking about expanding the badges in the community, but I don't know if there is anyone specifically looking at this. 

  •   &   I suggest IET to leverage Credly. In case, there is no one within IET takes leadership on this, I am happy to volunteer and involved! 

  • Hi  &   I will support   on this as well!

    What we are talking about are Digital credentials that are verified through the Credly platform which used to be Acclaim. This is totally different to the badges in this EngX community as they are unique to the IET.

    I have experience of certification bodies like PeopleCert issuing badges themselves but really it needs to be the open badge standard for verification and credibility purposes.

    This is an example of my badge collection which are all on Credly and conform to the open badge standard.

    And each one is independently verified where ever this is accessed from i.e LinkedIn , Twitter etc as shown below

    InstMC were thinking about it but I think they are too small for the costs from Credly but for the IET this should be no problem.

    We do need to get to professional registration badging but this might be problematic with EngC as it will need agreement from all PEI's and in theory they would issue the badge but as I say for Member , Tech Member, Fellow and student, badges issued through the Credly platform by the IET should be no issue once this is rolled out.

    Also its important to note the IET would be the first PEI even before BCS to potentially  roll out digital credentials for their members as well as lobbying for Prof reg badges.

    See this example from APM (Association of Project Managers) as they are streets ahead on this.

    Please let us know the next steps


  • I support this too - my coaching accreditation has been digital for years

  •    Thanks for your support, unfortunately engineering institutions & organisations have been really slow to this but I'm hopeful the IET will continue to lead the way after City & Guilds.

       &   the next step I believe would be to reach out to Credly via this Link to schedule a demo and find out indicative costs.

    My org did find out about it but can't remember the sort of costs all I do remember is the costs were for say 5000 badge batches at a time which I think were the most reasonable.

  • Ditto,   and tks for your support   

    As I mentioned earlier,  and   it is becoming quite clear to me that IET will need to set up a "task force" on this and I am all in should any assistance is required. 

  • I think before rushing off, I'd like to ask the no.1 noddy question,  - what is the problem to which, if I understand it correctly, the electronic equivalent of an exam certificate or driving licence or whatever, held on a cloud server somewhere in the USA is the solution ?

    I have a drawer of paper certs (that no-one ever asks to see, pretty much ever, incidentally * ) going back about 40 years, and no one is suggesting those need to be digitised, or are they?

    How at the moment are 'proof of status' data exchanged, how would fraud, either injection of false data or loss of data and so forth be avoided  and shown to be  ?

    I would agree the bar is low, very few exam certificates are apostillised or any thing like.

    I'm not against the idea, but nor am I 'for' it - I'd like to know what it would achieve before deciding a position...


    * there is the additional complication that in the UK we do not really share the 'papers please' culture of some other western countries,  and tend to trust CVs and so on, not always wisely.