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Heard today that my CEng application has been rejected, which came as quite a surprise as I had thought the PRI went really well and I was able to answer all the interviews' questions and thoroughly cover how I'd met all the competences.

They stated that I needed to develop B1, C2 and C3 more. I'm a bit at a loss what they're really looking for with some of these - for example, I was responsible for running a training programme for a couple of new graduates lasting several months, during which I directly mentored them and oversaw their development. I'd explained this in detail in the PRI, so surely this should cover C3? As I work for a small company of around 10 people it's going to be pretty much impossible to cover this any better than that.

I have contacted the PRA I originally spoke to before submitting my application with a copy of the rejection email so I'll see if they can give any other advice. I'm not sure if it is worth trying the appeals procedure. The link given in the rejection letter (www.theiet.org/about/governance/rules-conduct/appeals/) does not appear to work as it just redirects to the Rules of Conduct page which does not mention appeals. Does anyone know how appeals are submitted? Frustrated that I've spent £210 of my own money applying for this (don't know if I can include this in my employment expenses claim with HMRC to get the tax back?) so any advice from anyone who's been in a similar situation would be much appreciated.

  • I have contacted the PRA I originally spoke to before submitting my application with a copy of the rejection email so I'll see if they can give any other advice.

    That's absolutely the right thing to do, and they will (should) also be contacted by the IET - and most importantly they will have access to all the assessors' comments so they will know why they came to this decision and should be able to work through that with you.

    The only grounds for appeal are:

    Appeals may only be made on the following grounds:
    1. Serious or exceptional personal, unanticipated mitigating circumstances that caused the candidate to under-perform (perhaps as the result of a family or travel problem) or
    2.A significant fault within the IET’s processes or mishandling of the candidate’s application, which interfered with their ability to present their case.

    Here's the correct link https://www.theiet.org/career/professional-registration/appeals-procedure/

    Not much anyone else here can comment on as each case is very individual - but your PRA really should be able to help.

    Yes it is frustrating, but keep at it...

    Good luck, Andy

  • Hi Sam,

    Regarding HMRC, it is a bit of a grey area. Professional Subscriptions to the IET are permitted as employment expenses and can include Engineering Council fees so I would expect that the application fee should also be permitted. As there is nothing to indicate it is not to be included I would suggest you should include it and let them clarify their guidance if it is wrong.

    Regarding what Andy has said, I have little to add. The IET will often recommend a PRA to assist after a rejection but that is generally as there has been no PRA previously. I have seen a different PRA recommended where there has been a previous PRA but that has pros and cons.

    The biggest issue for a PRA assisting a rejected candidate (whether previously involved or not) is always going to be that there is no record of what was actually said at the interview. You think you covered C3, while the interviewers seem to think you didn't (or at least not adequately) so one side is wrong - and not knowing what was said I certainly can't say who is right. Having access to the interviewers comments may well help a PRA to advise you (e.g. if the comments say 'was only able to give one example of C3' it clearly shows what the gap was) but it is not guaranteed as it may depend on the phrasing of what you said - if you were saying 'wid did this' and 'we did that' instead of 'I did this' and 'I did that' the interviewers will have marked you down and you may not even realise that you were saying 'we' (btw, I hope that is not going to be the cause....).

    Best of luck with your progress and keep us informed in case we can help further.


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    Just adding the link provided by Andy above, and the link to the Appeals Fees, in case you miss it:


    If you scroll down to where it states Appeals Fees, you'll see the cost, which is £155.