Electric Vehicle used as a Battery Bank.

"Cor dad, look at wot this lady is doing........."

"Can we do that with our electric start lawn mower?"

‘I cut my energy bills in half by using my electric car as a giant battery to store cheap power’ (msn.com)


  • hmm the same things that make a good battery for high peak currents, such thicker, better supported electrodes (less foil-like) better control over impurities is electrolytes  and less capacity in amp hours per unit volume, also work for cooler running and longer life. Attempts to cram as many AH as possible into the volume tend to result in batteries that run hot and die young. One of the reasons that Tesla have got themselves involved in the battery making business, rather than just phoning up Panasonic or whoever, is to have better control over that side of things. To be focusing on lifetime is an interesting change of direction for an industry that previously had been chasing capacity at the expense of reliability for some years.

    Even so,  I too would be wary of matching the wilder claims in real life use, it is not yet an exact science.( but intelligent charging controls charging counting electrons out and back in again, low voltage lock off and watching temperatures and cell balancing is still necessary, but not  on its own enough.)

    If not already, then soon there will be huge volumes of ex car batteries that are not exactly dead, but not really good enough to drive round on either, so things that use them, perhaps as local power, will probably become more popular.


  • Sort of a battery recycle/usage scheme then Mike? perhaps a mix and match of best o` both worlds in a halfway house sort of fashion. Or at least good enough for charging caps to zap apprentices with 

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