Electric Vehicle Charging Management - European Distribution Networks

I'm currently doing some research on how Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are approaching large scale EV charging across Europe.

Based on the excellent strategy documents from the UK DSOs, it is becoming clear that the immediate strategy includes;

  • Increase LV monitoring,
  • Make data available via self service portals
  • Develop connectivity models and network planning tools
  • Purchase commercial flexibility services as required.
  • Reinforce networks as an when required.
  • Development of additional technical solutions such as LV meshing and power electronics.

It would appear that direct control of domestic EV charging is not being considered in the UK, mainly down the to the unbundled nature of the markets.

Are we seeing similar strategies across European DSOs or are any of them developing their own direct EV charging control?

I am particularly interested in the approach to mass adoption such as domestic rather than fleets.

Thanks in advance.