What are the benefits of different levels of power metering and monitoring?

Hi Everyone,

The place I work at doesn't have much metering and the feedback from a recent independent sustainability audit said it was a problem. From a straightforward "how much energy are you using?" perspective but also from a maintenance and reliability persective.

I have been working in a team to develop a standard, and we have agreed that BS IEC 61557-12 is a good way to use to define the functionality of different meters that we expect.

The question is, does anybody know of a document that clearly outlines the benefits of using a PMD-I/II/III meter? We have to underpin the benefits from a sustainability and financial point of view.

Naturally as engineers we already knew the benefits, but as we started writing it out we agreed it could be quite a lot of writing, so if somebody has already done it.

Thanks for your time.