ATEX Zone 0 product design

We are designing a product to be used in Zone 0 hazardous area.

Is it fine to use fine pitch components (planning to use 0.65mm BGA package) if the overall consumption is less than 1.3W?

Note: The PCB will be enclosed in a flameproof IP68 enclosure and suitable IS barriers with be installed in safe area

  • As I expect you already know, for a Zone 0 product, third party certification is required.

    My advice would be to make contact with your chosen body now (most will give a free hour or two initial meeting) to discuss the project, discuss pros and cons of different protection concepts etc and agree on the way forward.

    Typically, flameproof isn't permitted in Zone 0, so that might be an unnecessary expense and typically if using IS barriers there are no creepage\clearance or IP requirements - but your certification body can steer you though the requirements for your specific application.