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Climate Emergency Declaration

Are we, as the IET, declaring a climate emergency? 

It's really that simple a topic, should we be adding our professional voice to the growing number of countries and organisations declaring such an event, to bring better awareness of the threat of the climate crisis and to encourage more discussion in addressing it! 

  • I agree that we should not panic but be aware that an increase in sea level could occur. 

    We should look at low lying Fenlands and get an outline plan of how to best protect people and property  if a storm were suddenly to hit.

  • Sea level is increasing due to climate gradually warming and melting the polar caps. Totally natural. Norfolk is also sinking and Scottish coasts are rising. Again totally natural occurance.

  • Not totally natural. At least some of the warming is due to the release of greenhouse gasses due to industrial activity.

  • If not natural then what is it?

    Certainly not CO2

    Read what Willis says.

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