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Climate Emergency Declaration

Are we, as the IET, declaring a climate emergency? 

It's really that simple a topic, should we be adding our professional voice to the growing number of countries and organisations declaring such an event, to bring better awareness of the threat of the climate crisis and to encourage more discussion in addressing it! 

  • Hi Aaron, 

    To be fair to the IET, it has been pretty clear on its responsibility to encourage engineers to find solutions both to CO2 emission reduction and coping with the change that's already happened, e.g. as described here:

    I'd suggest it's not really for the IET to declare a climate emergency as it doesn't (of itself) know - in general we're absolutely not experts in climate science or politics. BUT we are supposed to be experts in the areas required to address it. So a public declaration that the IET intends to encourage and support the engineering community to identify and implement ways to effectively react to IPCC findings and recommendations would be good. 

    Oh, and ref the rest of the replies, it's not just about sea level (although I expect the posters appreciate that).



  • Yes it,s a whole raft of nonsense that gets attached to climate change.

    Encouraged by the IPCC's flawed modeling of apocalyptic catastrophic doom.

  • Their position on sustainability and climate change points towards a potential acceptance to declare that though. 

    Our Sustainability and Climate Change Position - The IET

    How are engineers meant to push towards things that sort the climate out if the organisation they're a part of hasn't declared that there is an issue?

    It's well known now that institutions, councils and governments worldwide are declaring a climate emergency.


    Because the more 'places', 'groups' etc. that do so raise the profile of the issue and encourage a more open mindset in working together collectively in solving it. 

    Consider the comments regarding activism. XR Engineers, XR Scientists etc. are literally people who exist in professional institutions often time with professional memberships who are declaring this is an issue and looking for those who will work with them to address things. 

  • Well there is an awful lot of funding available if you join the Green path. 

    That really says it all.

  • Well there is an awful lot of funding available if you join the Green path. 

    That really says it all.