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Climate Emergency Declaration

Are we, as the IET, declaring a climate emergency? 

It's really that simple a topic, should we be adding our professional voice to the growing number of countries and organisations declaring such an event, to bring better awareness of the threat of the climate crisis and to encourage more discussion in addressing it! 

  • More people need more food, meat, houses, hot water, cars all of which need fuel. 

    The planet has many different types of fuels but nearly all concentrated fuels are hydrocarbons and emit CO2.

    The planets answer is to defrost the tundra and icecaps so more vegetation can absorb the CO2

    Gods very sensible solution and one we must live with.. 

  • This is my understanding too.

    The recent world population boom is most probably due to global warming and human CO2 both of which have increased in the last 300 years since the little ice age. 

    The planet and humans thrive in our current climate and set to increase further.

    As we know from ice core and sediment samples the past has been much warmer than today with CO2 in the thousands of parts per million. The current 423PPM is great for us. Also, its known that we are coming to the end of our current interglacial period,  when things start to get cold humans will struggle, crops will fail and the world population will shrink.

    The IPCC models fail to predict anything useful with there model runs failing to match observations. Indeed they can't even tell what the temperature will be in 10 days time.

  • This has already been debunked. 

    While there has been an increase in the amount of CO2 being absorbed by plantlife, it's offset by the increase in global temperatures which are decimating the very same plants. 

    New study undercuts favorite climate myth ‘more CO2 is good for plants’ | Climate science scepticism and denial | The Guardian

    "A new study by scientists at Stanford University, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tested whether hotter temperatures and higher carbon dioxide levels that we’ll see post-2050 will benefit the kinds of plants that live in California grasslands. They found that carbon dioxide at higher levels than today (400 ppm) did not significantly change plant growth, while higher temperatures had a negative effect."


  • The Grauniad is a left wing green path follower. You'll get nothing sensible from them other than the usual scaremongering.

  • The Grauniad is a left wing green path follower. You'll get nothing sensible from them other than the usual scaremongering.