Please can you recommend a substation design course for a novice electric designer

I am looking for an HV design course to undertake. I am an experience design engineer for gas networks but have a role in a specialist HV Design company. I am currently doing gas and water designs but want to supplement my in house training with some more formal education. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you. 

  • What is your role in the design team?

    You might want to take a look at the courses by EA Technology. They have a substation design course which is a broad-brush overview of various disciplines and sounds like it might be a good introduction, but while the training is given by the people who do or have done it, they won't pretend to be able tell you everything you need in a few days, just highlight the main areas and make you aware of things you might not have thought of. They have some more in-depth courses, primarily for more electrical topics.

    Presumably you've got a mentor and/or a training plan at this new company? They should, one hopes, be able to advise what areas you might need to brush up on, given that they know your role and prior experience.

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