Coating thickness gauges

Hi all,

A common issue on our clients' projects is quality control of the factory finish on outdoor equipment, which frequently either leads to snagging callbacks and/or early issues with corrosion. In addition one of our clients has seen fit to engage with a cheaper supplier whose quality control is even less trusted than usual. We are therefore looking into site acceptance (or, even better if it can be arranged, factory acceptance) testing to verify the finish and so raise repair before corrosion sets in.

It looks as though non-destructive ?ultrasonic? testers are readily available, which is great. However, the most common defect is on radiators either on the "sharp" edges where the front/back plates meet, or deep in the cavity between the fins. I am not sure if the most common devices will be happy with the surface of the edges, and it looks like they will struggle to get into the deeper parts.

Would you recommend a guage or test protocol for this and are there any common gotchas in their use?

If it helps, the majority of items are powder coating on steel and we are aiming working towards a C4/C5 specification.

Thanks in advance!

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