Underground power cable fault identification system as a cable theft deterrent

Good day,

I am seeking a Underground Cable Monitoring system capable of the following:

  • Cable fault identification through GPS and GSM(Cellular) techniques
  • Linkable to SCADA system to enable Control Center alert

In short, we are overwhelmed by a series of Underground Cable theft and we need a solution to guard against this. Please share your experiences on this and solutions.

  • Had you considered using a numerical Distance Relay? If these are correctly configured with the cable impedance (and that may be a problem if you have varying conductor sizes throughout the route), then the relay should give you a fairly good "Distance to Fault" in the event of a circuit trip. If the relay also has a "SCADA Interface" built in, then I would expect that "Distance to Fault" was one of the parameters that could be read, for onward transmission to the Control Room. To improve accuracy, if you can get the figure from both ends of the line, you should be able to come up with some sort of average distance calculation. You should know the total length from either installation records, or from your mapping system to help with the calculation. 

    The other option, which will be more accurate, but probably more difficult to achieve would be an on-line distance measurement of the line using some kind of travelling wave injection. 

    Regards, Alan. 

  • Thanks for your response Alan.

    The problem I have is that not all feeders are able to have Protection Relays. Some just have Auto Reclosin. And there are some not on SCADA.

    Those that are on SCADA give the Control Centre monitoring through loss of a feeder cable. 

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