Repair Cafes in Essex - Help Sought


I work in technology for Essex County Council. We're exploring the viability of supporting repair cafes in Essex as part of sustainability and the circular economy.

Can anyone offer any guidance and experience around setting these up. Or if you're Essex based, is that something you'd have the time and enthusiasm to get involved ?

I and my colleagues would love to hear from you

Andy - direct message me  or reply below if you have any questions.

Parents Reply
  • I just looked in a skip near us and found an electric lawn mower with a badly damaged lead. Reclaimed it and repaired it and works fine.

    This mower probably belonged to an elderly person whose only option was to call out an electrician at £100 or scrap it as it is cheaper to get a new one from B&Q. 

    We are such a wasteful society and  Volunteer Repair Shop is excellent  idea for retired engineers. I do bikes as well.