Activity during retirement

I am hoping to volunteer some time to my current employer (North Kent College) when I retire later this year. I am exploring 'semi-professional' arrangements -- if there are any. Has anyone experience of similar positions?

  • We have a no of oldsters in various technical and consultancy capacities, who in effect drop to a year average of so many days a week - in some cases less than one but with clauses for ramping up to 5 day weeks in times of requirement, much like the old overtime clauses for weekend working.

  • I have been, in effect, on a zero-hours contract since I retired from full-time work.

    There are a number of things to consider.

    If you remain an employee (for example, on a zero-hours contract) the general arrangement should be similar to now.

    Another possibility would be self-employment contracting to work from time to time. The potential pitfall of this is you would be very sensible to have personal liability/professional indemnity insurance. Then you would have to consider who pays for it.

    "Volunteer" and "'semi-professional'" suggest less than the going rate.

    Lastly, don't forget car insurance. Nowadays it seems to be social, domestic, and pleasure; and commuting. You may wish to consider how your new arrangements might affect that.

  • Adding business travel to a standard insurance policy is remarkably cheap.  I recently had to add it as I was needed at another office of my employer, so no more commuting to a single place of work.  It cost me £1.80 extra when renewing my policy.