How to run 230v 3 phase motor with local voltage is 230/ 400 v 3 phase

local voltage is 230/ 400v 3 phase ,I got 110/ 230v 3 phase motor can it  work by local voltage 

  • if it was the other way about,  supply lower than motor rating you could  run it direct on-line the as a delta, and it will give you the star torque - i.e. about 1/2 to 2/3 of the plated torque.

    However, in your case, where the supply is more than the motor needs, wire it permanently in  star (i,e, for 230V accross each winding) and use a VSD (or switched resistors if you are feeling cheap) to provide a soft start function. Do not connect it delta  - if the windings see 400V its life will be short and hot.