High Voltage Earthing

I'm interested in finding out what other countries use the same type of HV earthing conductors in their substations i.e. Flat Copper Earth Tape. Does anyone have any information or could anyone suggest where i could look? Does anyone know what countries around the world use the same type of High Voltage Earthing System as the UK i.e. Flat Copper Earth Tape (see image) or does anyone know where I could find this information.

Thanks very much everyone.


  • used to do in past but currently Al earthing rods are used for earthing substations in Pakistan .

    Earthing rod is hammerd up to 13 ft depth and connected with marshalling plate through underground bare conductor. 

    If hammering is not feasible due to rocky soil then machine bore is carried out upto the same depth of 13 ft . and rest of the process is the same.

  • Hi Muhammad,

    We use Rod as well but what I'm trying to find out is how are the Rods connected together and what at the conductors dimensions 



  • Internal grounding connections are made via flat copper earth bars using tin plated with in the substations. They are connected with the grounding mesh outside the substation which is stranded copper wire 120 mm2 generally (depends on your grounding calculations)