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Over-Unity Power Generators

Good morning,

I am interested to liase with other engineers or physicists interested in 4th generation Over-Unity Power generators.

Say, those extracting energy from ultra-hyperbolic space-times, rather than the existing 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations developed in the last century, whose energy effectiveness is extremely limited and frequently a negative number.

Ultra-hyperbolic space-times are those whose signature has at least 2 space and 2 time dimensions. Their birth date is 1870: Sophus Lie's doctoral thesis, advised by Felix Klein, University of Goettingen. 

Attached, that example, dated 1872, recently translated from the German to the English language. 

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Roberto Alfano MSc CEng MIET MInstP


  • I have designs for a flux capacitor and Heisenberg compensator that will be of great use for this project.

  • I find these sort of open ended questions very odd.  Given that we live in a universe with an essentially simple hyperbolic space time, and if you think we have anything else  I'd be very interested in the evidence for that, I wonder what useful form such a design might take ? (*)

    I also have a deep suspicion of an 'over unity' anything as I have yet to see any kind  that is not achieved by ignoring some additional contribution or some slight of hand with metering.
    In general the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the one that says you cannot quite break even, is very solid, unless you permit time reversal. Again, if you can do that, I'd be most interested.

    So before looking at over unity designs of a 'new' kind' for a universe that does not exist, perhaps we could see a short resumee of the current ones in this universe,  that are not just a sham, please.



    (*) For the benefit of those readers who may wonder, a hyperbolic spacetime is one where if you know where every object within the universe is at some space-time slice (a Cauchy surface in the language of the mathematicians) which may well be a snapshot at single time when viewed from some particular point, but need not be, it could be spatial information from different times in different places so long as it forms a complete non redundant set of data, you have enough, and just enough,  information  to predict all the future and deduce all the past. All that means is the relativistic universe is deterministic - if you know what is happening now well enough, you know what will happen as well.

    Quantum mechanics cocks this up of course on the small scale but much like throwing a bucket  of coins is predictable (half will be heads) when flipping just one is not, on the scale of the universe the quantum mech effects are mostly lost.

  • These devices claim to use different methods, such as magnets, empty space energy, low-temperature fusion, or random quantum fluctuations. But there is no proof or explanation for how they work ? It's a fascinating idea.

  • there is no proof

    That is generally the problem  (apart from a few rather off piste youtube videos)- a lot of the impulse magnet ones do not really create energy , they rely on the metering reading peak voltage and reporting it as average. And indeed if you try and use the full power that appears to come out, the thing slows down and stops.

    Folk tend to forget that the effort to turn a generator, any generator equals or rather slightly exceeds the electrical power you get from it.