Can AI help make strategic battlefield decisions?

With reference to the article by Joe Phelan

DARPA is funding AI to help make battlefield decisions (

Is the AI actually making the battlefield decisions or just filling in the 'missing' data and therefore the human making a better informed decision? What are your thoughts?

  • At what point does the human "making the decision" come down to clicking on a popup message

    Enemy tank detected. Destroy it? [Yes] [No]

  • Thats a very good point to raise, but is it similar to the daily practices we face, do you want to take the fastest route, yes/no? This is obviously simplifying the issues with the ethics and safety when taking this to the battlefield. Though this could be debated, there is still a human in the loop of the decision, so would it just be speeding up the decision that was always going to occur?  And what would be required to have the same threshold we hold between our own judgement, i.e. human error, Vs that of AI even if it's more accurate? Just food for thought!

  • What will happen if the GPS data seen by the human operator is hacked or purposely delayed by A1??  

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