Runaway Electric Car

An interesting  report on a significant software failure in an EV:

'I was kidnapped by my runaway electric car' - BBC News

"Soon after he made the call, three police vehicles arrived and drove in front and behind the car.

He said: "I was 100% concentrating on my steering, so when a police van pulled up besides me and asked if I was Brian and if I was okay, I just yelled 'no I'm not, I can't stop'."

Police asked Mr Morrison to throw his electronic key through their van window before driving off, and then tried forcibly shutting off the engine - but nothing could stop the car.

He was also asked to hold the power button for a couple of seconds which also failed to stop it and the entire dashboard lit up with faults."

So drive by wire and brake by wire both apparently failed. The steering which I assume is mechanical with power assistance remained functional. I wonder how this fits with the 'Motor Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations'?

Should EV's have emergency shutdown buttons like trams do?

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