NHS error reduction

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  • "iff" is shorthand for "if, and only if".

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  • Apologies. Re-reading, I was probably rather "out of order" with the tone of my earlier post. It was certainly not meant to be personal - only a comment on the style.

    Do not be put off, but please realise that at least one of us is (sometimes) grumpy, and (always) from Yorkshire, and that tends to influence the writing  somewhat !

    Sorry also about the iff - I fear it is what happens when you spend a lot of the day time with professional mathematicians, so  maybe that is my sort of language/ audience  misjudgement.

    As per Andy's Engineering meta-language I  can relate to those examples - certainly in the labs here the air turns quite blue sometimes when things are going badly, and it is not stray HV electrons that can cause that, - but there are definite meanings to certain terms that lie outside the normal lexicon - and that is before we get to some of the ex-mil types expressing extreme disappointment - they certainly have a  language all their own.

    But, seriously,  point noted & I'll try and be more careful.

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