Emerging Technologies for Manufacturing Automation

The IET Manufacturing Technical Network are putting together an online event  for June covering 'Emerging Technologies for Manufacturing Automation' .

The event will identify Networking and Sensing technologies that could provide improved Manufacturing automation as they are implemented in Manufacturing processes. The improvements in automation could be aimed at streamlining the processes through enhanced integration or through improved insight through, for example, improved sensing of product quality and/or defects.

The aim of the event is to make attendees aware of technologies that are not yet fully developed, but could have a significant impact when they are. Examples include future networking technologies, probably beyond 5G, that will enable integration of process lines, machine diagnostics and optimisation, etc. 

Other technologies that could be investigated are emerging vision & imaging capability, probably using ultra high frequency sensing.

The event will describe the underlying science, the status of use in respective automation technologies, and the benefits to be obtained when these technologies are applied.

We have a keynote speaker and are looking for some case studies and pilot trials could form part of the event and link to the topics, so if you would be interested in speaking, please do get in touch with a brief synopsis of your topic area. (lcallaghan@theiet.org)

Some ideas are:

  • Technology 1 (e.g., Next generation Networks and beyond)
  • Technology 2 (e.g., Ultra HF imaging)
  • Technology 3 (e.g., Smell)



IET Senior Community Manager