Managing Technical (Asset) Safety

A simple framework based on HSE's HSG-65 - Plan-do-Check-Act.

Managing assets so as to minimise their potential to cause harm to people, the environment, or commercially.

Interested in your thoughts folks Slight smile

  • Yes, those are the main points. When I deliver training / consultancy in this area those are all the points I try to get across.

    However I don't wholly agree with the bottom line: increasing safety can actually decrease reliability and availability. A safety critical system will  typically shut down if it can't be proven to be safe, which is different to saying it will shut down if it becomes unsafe - if/when the protective system fails (or falsely detects) then you will have a less reliable system than if the protective system hadn't been fitted. 

    So personally I'd change the sentence "...and a bi-product of managing technical safety?" to "...and a bi-product of following these principles?"  Applying these principles develops all aspects of RAMS - but there may be a trade off between safety risk and reliability / availability risk.