Reliability Analysis on Offshore Turbine Mechanical Systems

Transmission and Control/Protection as well as the structural components of the offshore wind turbine have understandably dominated recent reliability studies. Of course, the significance is evident in the high failure rate figures attributed to those subsystems as published in many reliability reports. However, many reliability reports have also consistently identified other critical nacelle mechanical subsystems, apart from the gearbox, as high failure rate and long downtime prone subsystems, with cumulative failure rate figures that are sometimes higher than the transmission or the control and protection systems figures.

I am conducting a reliability-based study on 3 non-gearbox offshore turbine mechanical subsystems and I need stakeholders opinion through the attached survey form.

The survey is meant strictly for academic purpose.

  • Take monthly MFT (multi Function Tester) readings in the Giga Ohm range and then plot them to a graph.  It will help to predict when some of the electrical stuff will fail.  Giga Ohnm works better than Mega Ohm for the prediction.