Requirement of Lightning Protection System

Hi all, 

I got involved in a refurbishment project of an existing building that did not have a Lightning Protection System (LPS).

I have read BS EN 62305, trying to find any requirements that make the installation of an LPS compulsory for this building; however, I haven't found any 'clear' requirements that are not subjected to a Risk Assessment. So, I would appreciate it if someone could confirm whether I should recommend that my client install a new LPS and the reasons for it. 

Thank you very much!! 

  • Assuming that this is a non-domestic property, it is, I think, by design. You need to take into account whether the public or workers are liable to be harmed by a strike, the probability of a strike, the cost of repairing damage etc to determine whether it is justifiable to include / omit an LPS, and all this is not reasonable to fit into a single, clear and simple table, for example (What about a really big village hall?) BS EN 62305 is giving you the means to quantifying that process.

    Your Client's duty holder should be able to provide that assessment (unless they have discharged that contractually to you...) and it may well be a requirement of their insurance. If they don't have an up-to-date LPSRA you can recommend that someone carry out a study.