HV Authorised Engineers and auditing requirements?


Is anyone able to direct me to any legislation where it requires independent auditing (or any involvement) by HV Authorised Engineers and the frequency this should be carried out please? The only reference to auditing I can find so far is HTM 06-03. I would like to know is auditing statutory, best practise etc. and where does this come from?

  • I don’t know of any specific legislation that specifically states the requirement for Authorising Engineers ( HV or LV) however general H&S legislation and HSE guidance calls for/ recommends external auditing/ support from competent persons. Whilst some market sectors specifically use the term Authorising Engineer ( MOD JSP 375, NHS HTM etc) most bodies managing HV & LV distribution assets have similar roles. HSG 85 from HSE is a good place to start.

  • Just noticed this - I suppose the get out are the signs "No Admittance to Nonauthorised Persons". Although employed by BACO as an engineering manager, I was trained as a senior authorised person by NOSHEB, this was only for HV switching and removing/applying circuit main earths for a 275/132/33kV switchyard to an aluminium smelter in Scotland. Refreshers had to be done at 3 year intervals. My authorisation would become defunct when I left the company. The particular area DNO should be approached in your case.