Amendment 2 - 99 UKP

I've just had an email inviting me to pre-order Amendment 2, for the cost of £99.

Inflation busting price rises are in vogue then.

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  • I can only find that the IET is running more than one membership database

    With some of our accounts, apparently, this is the issue. It may be further complicated for those of us who had (and logged in with) an or e-mail address at any time in the past.

    I don't know the full details and extent of things which don't work as they should, but if anyone does have a problem, please report it so the IET can:

    (a) Order the publications for you with the Member discount; and

    (b) Resolve the issue for you ... but note this may take a little time, perhaps some trial and error whilst they work out which of the databases needs to be tweaked for you.

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