100mA RCD location TT??

So I believe a 100mA time delay RCD is required for a TT system if a split load board but not an RCBO board, why the difference?? Also any regs reference please?

I have been told that I can just swap out the isolator switch in the board for an RCD however I read that the RCD should be upstream in a plastic enclosure?

Any input appriciated Slight smile

Metal enclosure BTW...

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  • so, look at the 2 RCD board and run exactly the same questions about insulated terminals and pre RCD wiring, and ask could a CPC or a non insulated  live credibly come loose in a dangerous way .

    What you want to avoid is a single fault to danger condition where one loose screw or wire off-cut could be fatal.

    It may be just as OK as soem designs of all-RCBO board, or not, depending on the  design.

    Despite what you seem to think, there is no reg that says that a dual RCD board can never be OK on TT, nor is there one that says RCBO boards never need an up-front RCD - some might and others might not depending on the internal details.