EICR form - feeder pillar protective device

Good afternoon all, it's been many years since I've posted in the IET forums, but I've had a search and cannot find the answer.

We're carrying out EICRs on our private HV network and are creating EICRs for the feeder pillars using the NICEIC software (not the best).  Would anyone have any idea what to put as the supply protective device, as the only protective device upstream of the incomer to the feeder pillar is the VIP300 relay on the HV side of the TX?

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  • I am not aware of a British Standard for a power system protection relay. The individual characteristics such as “instantaneous” or “standard inverse” etc do all have individual British / European Standards. One solution (perhaps) is that the HV side of the transformer is specifically excluded from BS7671, so maybe you can refer to the value as a note and use n/a as LV protection doesn’t exist.