Would you want one of the Geoff’s to do an EICR for you?

That’s confused the forum software, it cannot find a similar discussion to suggest an answer. Run with this, it is Saturday night 

So, do you feel that Geoff Wilson or Geoff Thompson would provide you with an accurate and easy to understand Electrical Installation Condition Report?

I had better add a disclaimer, these two are not living, breathing people and must not be confused with any real people who are electricians or electrical engineers.

  • The insulation tests show live to live testing at 500V , so he managed to disconnect all loads despite not venturing behind kitchen appliances. Shouldn't he just have connected both lives and tested to earth at 250V?

    Also the CU is both in the garage and in the kitchen cabinet.

    I can't find my blue OSG but if he did the same EICR in the same property, as has happened in previous OSGs, then the previous report would surely have been available from his records.

    Re-test in 10 years despite rampant rodents?

    I believe the insulation test result from the damaged loft cables has been ignawed.

  • “Ignawed” is a new word in my vocabulary, it looks very apt when referring to rodent damage in the loft that may be being ignored, ignoring the gnawing, ignawed that’s worth adding to Spellchequers dictionary.

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