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NICEIC. NAPIT no can do!

One of the very capable chaps on my 2396 course has been refused application to both NICEIC and NAPIT. Not one of those 5 week wonder graduates but someone with a load of unbroken experience with a well known large contractor and the NVQ 2330-07 Level 3 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology Installation (Buildings and Structures) dated July 2007 along with his AM2. Simple reason given was that the NVQ is no longer recognised! 
That is bonkers as it was the foundation stone for competence recognition for thousands of electricians! Does anyone know why the qualification is not recognised?

  • I'm sure both the NICEIC and NAPIT would welcome him with open arms if they were allowed to. 

    There's a forum member who made a career change and took a designer job with a multi national company and gave up their NAPIT membership, who has now been turned down havng applied to rejoin despite having previously been a scheme member for many years. 

  • Andy

    When you say both NICEIC and NAPIT would welcome them if they could? Who do you think is stopping them?


  • I will rephrase that, given the schemes reputation of being money grabbers and scams, I sure they would welcome someone who would potentially be paying them thousands of pounds over the next few years if the rules stipulated in the EAS document allowed them to.

    So I guess the answer to JP’s question is:

    The IET as lead authors and:

    British Security Industry Association (BSIA)
    Certsure LLP (trading as NICEIC and ELECSA)
    City & Guilds
    CORGI – trading as Corgi Technical Services and AESM Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA)
    Electrical Contractors’ Association of Scotland (SELECT) Electrical Safety First (ESF)
    Excellence, Achievement & Learning Limited (EAL)
    Fire Industry Association (FIA)
    Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
    Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
    Joint Industry Board for the electrical contracting industry (JIB)
    Logic Certification Ltd (LCL Awards)
    Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)
    National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT)
    NAPIT Registration Ltd
    Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC)
    Society of Public Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Surveying (SPACES) Stroma Installer Certification Ltd
    United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
    Welsh Government

    Discounting the two money grabbers of course.

  • No Andy the IET are not the lead authors. The IET logo no longer appears on the document.

    The EAS meeting is chaired by someone from Certshure.

    For my next question how many of those organisations you listed are subsidiary companies of one of the bodies you mentioned or have financial links?

  • Are you about to tell me the poachers have turned into gamekeepers?

  • i am not sure who you think are the poachers and the gamekeepers?

    I just was curious who you think was writing the rules for NAPIT and the NICEIC? I just wanted to make sure that you did not assume that the IET was responsible, because they are not. 

  • Not one of those 5 week wonder graduates

    Forgive me, but isn't the solution to do a 5 week course?

  • Presumably the electrician that Lyle is talking about is at least thirty four years old, having gained his NVQ in 2007 and has eighteen years experience, so just the sort of person who should be joining the competence schemes.

    So would those who are setting out the entrance requirements actually prefer someone ten years younger who is in their early twenties, who has obviously has less than a quarter of the time working as an electrician to be signed up instead, because they have qualified more recently?

    I have been saying that anecdotal evidence from talking to other electricians that the younger guys don’t seem particularly interested in joining the competence schemes, preferring to work as subbies along with doing some work under the radar.

    But it also seems that those who do want to join are getting knocked back anyway, at a time when a skills shortage is holding the country back.

  • I rather jumped the gun on declaring bonkers! The 2330 was really only the underpinning knowledge aspect to the 2356 NVQ which accredited the National Occupational Standards for installation work in the electrotechnical sector. 
    Still, for this particular candidate who served his full four year apprenticeship and has been working as an electrician for 15 years with an unbroken service record with a well-respected contracting outfit and who has achieved both the underpinning knowledge and, crucially, the end point assessment, AM2, it seems unfair that he cannot progress his aspirations to become a qualifying manager. Neither, by the way, can he obtain a JIB card.

    His only option is to sign up for the experienced worker qualification so that the boxes can be ticked! I am not sure if application  for a JIB card would require him to re-sit his AM2 as the experienced worker scheme has a slightly different format, the AM2E.

    Put your prices up guys! 

  • The IET has published an eleven page document giving guidance on qualifications, but I cannot see a date on it do I don’t know how old it is.