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Shock protection on luminaries

I know that other standards sometimes have different ideas about shock protection to BS 7671 (e.g. BC and ES lampholders having bare live parts). Does anyone here know what the requirements for shock protection (when basic insulation fails) for domestic wall lights - specifically the type supplied with a flex, in-line switch and plug (i.e. expected to be in-reach). I'm not sure which product standard would apply. My natural reaction was to expect them to be either earthed or marked as double insulated - but are there any other options allowed by the product standard?

As you might guess, I've been asked to fit one and it doesn't look at all right to me - steel fixing bracket seems to be exposed to wiring with just basic insulation at the back of the fitting, and is then in direct metallic contact with the dome nuts holding it all together at the front.

I didn't much like the idea that it was sold as retail but supplies as a kit of parts - flex had plug and switch fitted, but supplied with bare ends to connect to the fitting - nasty if a little one got hold of it and tried to plug it in... but that's a different issue.

          - Andy.

  • Aligned with this discussion, 18th Edition introduced Regulation 411.3.4 to require additional protection of lighting circuits in domestic installations.

  • But Andy's example involves an appliance with a 13 Amp plug. not fixed wiring.


  • 411.3.3 then ?

    Although I would add that some of the 'permanently wired' fittings are similar.

  • 411.3.3 then ?

    Although I would add that some of the 'permanently wired' fittings are similar.