Plastic Covered S.W.A. Gland.

I haven't seen one before. Apparently they come from C.E.F. An all black outside but apparently they have metal innards for the armour strands. Evidently they are "waterproof." They just look like a large nylon compression gland.

Has anyone used them. Whose make are they? 


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  • well in the sense they make an all round circumferential connection to the braid or armour, they are  better for EMC than the slotted bolt gland designs that introduce pigtails in the screen path and so are not as good for short pulses/ high frequencies.

    Also occurs to me that for TT islanding into a plastic box this is a nice way to get the armour properly clamped and available for testing inside  the box without  the problem of an 'untouchable gland'  and mabye nicer than using a stuffing gland and heatshrink.


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