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Telegraph pole on fire

What's going on here then?

  • I've seen this video a few times and even discussed it on here ages ago the one thing that stands out is that the bloke filming it can't half rabbit I mean he never shuts up. I've seen an aftermath foto the top of the pole is crispy and black but you can clearly see where new cables are crimped onto the old one

  • Market Lavington High street junction with Stobberts Road.

    Repair is indeed a class act as captured by Google streetview 5 years later.

    For when your ADS breaking capacity exceeds the fault current, the breaking time is a lot more than 5 seconds - nothing adiabatic about this.


  • Wow

  • There was no new pole installed then. The old damaged one was just badgered up! I suppose that money is tight. The "make do and mend" approach of the Second World War period.


  • Had a down cable like that go S/C on a pole blew the substation fuses within a few seconds certainly a lot quicker than this

  • I guess as long as the pole is still viable, then there will be less disruption to supplies by fixing in-situ rather than having all the power off while they replace the pole.

  • yes, those flying crimps about 18 inches out from the pole with the curly wurleys as strain relief are really something.  Its one thing to get the power on  quickly for the night, its another not to come back and renew the burnt off overheads at any point in the next 5 years I hope they are all TT and not PME at the end of those as there is no evidence off double crimped neutrals.

    Planting  a new pole alongside and transferring the harness is something that is done live on ABC round here when  a pole fails and can be quite quick,


  • Telegraph Poles ? yes we called them that in the 60s and 70s even though we were they were in fact telephone wire poles, Telegraphs are not really common now as indeed they were not common back then but I think the name stuck. Like Hoover for vacuum cleaner and megger for insulation tester. I think it`s like my Grandma`s Electric Gas-Ovens, Electric Gas-Lamps and Race Hoss Dogs  Grinning

  • Well it's wood and soaked in creosote, so that's what I think it's called.  Should I call it an electron distribution pillar?