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Supply voltage in Irish republic

Can anyone tell me what is the actual supply voltage in Irish republic? I know officially its 230 volts but I'm sure that's not the true voltage i know it will vary place to place but just on average will do. 

  • 230 volts in theory, and also 230 volts in practice most of the time in most places.

    The Irish Republic was 230 volts nominal BEFORE the EU voltage harmonisation.

    The UK was 240 volts and still tends to be 240 volts even if we now call it 230. Mainland Europe was 220 volts and still tends to be 220 volts in many places though now called 230.

    But the Irish republic was 230 volts in theory and in practice, and still is.

  • Thanks broadgage that clears that one up reason I need to know is for the voltage adjustment on vintage electronics  radio and TV if I set them on the correct nominal setting chances are they will be good to go

  • Yes, but measuring the actual voltage might be prudent, if close to the transformer it might be nearer 240 volts, just as it might be nearer 250 volts in the UK.