Emergency Lighting Phase Failure Relay (product selection)

Hi there,

For a central battery-supplied emergency lighting system, I am looking for a phase failure relay to monitor the general lighting sub-circuits.

I used a phase failure relay on a project a number of years ago that monitored 4 separate phases meaning I could have 4 general lighting circuits and if any of which failed, the single emergency circuit for the same area was energised automatically.

I am not unable to find this product anywhere now, does anyone have an idea who makes something like this?

BTW, I cannot use ACMs on this project, hence the need for PFRs at the DB.

Steve Mulvenna   

  • Steven, central battery units I've used in the past incorporate final circuit monitoring and can either turn on all circuits in the event of a single phase failure or turn on a specific circuit of luminaires and all is monitored within the central battery unit, all connected emergency lights are wired directly from the central battery unit. 

    If you have a google of hold-off relays or sub-circuit monitoring relays, you might find something that suits