Luminaires fixed to flammable surface


I’m am here installing some Ansell led vapourproof fittings shortly. These particular fittings come with a metal clip that fixes to whatever surface you are attaching them to and then the actual fitting clips onto this clip. I intend to fix the mounting clips to a wooden surface but am wondering about heat from the fitting affecting the wooden surface. Obviously the metal clip sets the fitting off the wooden surface by 20mm or so so it is not in direct contact with it. Their technical support said that it should be ok to install like this but I must admit I wasn’t filled with much confidence. There are no markings on the fitting or on their website stating if it is suitable to install on a flammable surface. I don’t want to suspend them on chain as I want to loop in/loop out with conduit and singles. 
what way are others in this group installing these type of fittings?

thanks in advance


  • How hot do you think these fittings get ?

    LED fittings are normally quite efficient and do not run much hotter than blood-heat usually. If you have one to hand just run it up on the table for an hour

    It also depends what you mean by damage the wood - french polish may bloom at 50C or more, but you need a few hundred C to set fire to a timber joist or plywood sheet though it may make any paint finish  pong a bit before that.


  • Hi Mike

    i know that they don’t get as hot as traditional fluorescent fittings but was curious if they were suitable for mounting on a wooden surface. With very minimal information on either the fitting or the manufacturers website and their technical helpdesk not very convincing, I was interested as to how others fit these

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