ENA Applications load limiting for commercial sites


Please could I have some assistance in completing the ENA application forms we now have load management equipment for each site, but I am not sure how to correctly complete the values .

From my understanding if the EV charging is under 30% of the supply capacity we can install and notify, if it is above 30% then we need to submit an application.

We submitted an ENA application where the supply capacity was 277KVA with a new maximum demand with all the chargers and the sites existing maximum demand loadings equaling 234kva less than the sites supply capacity.

The ENA application asks us to advise what value in amps what the sites demand would be restricted to, and as our current application is less than the supply capacity, I am unsure what value we could input as we only need to submit the application if greater than the 30%

Obviously we want to maximise the charging capacity for this site. The site has a 277kva 400A supply of which the sites maximum demand is 97A leaving 300A spare capacity. Ev Charging is 242A but can be managed to reduce it to the desired value??

  • I have taken the tack of just notifying them by email. I tell them that the MIC will not be exceeded as the load is managed. They have emailed me several times requesting the information to be set out on their own Excel spreadsheet. Yo-yo! They have more secretaries than me!

  • NIE told me off before for submitting a previous edition of the notification form. I wasn't aware that it had changed. But they accepted the form nonetheless, even if I had to sit on the naughty step. It was for an OLEV grant installation too. Thankfully they didn't refuse the grant payment over it.

  • Yes RB1981, my post above was less than helpful. I had submitted notification of 15 separate installations on the original form only to be advised that the information had to be set out in their new form. Anyone who has dealt with the grant application process will have sympathy with my indignant stance which was born from sheer frustration. 
    I acknowledge that the problems for all DNOs brought about by EV installations is a significant one and we should  be working with them to assist each other as best as possible. Going forward I will set those frustrations aside and complete the relevant form with exuberant alacrity! That will be the best approach for my blood pressure!

  • As shall I, Lyle.

    Incidentally, I was contacted by NIE a number of weeks ago as an industry stakeholder. They were seeking my views on moving the ENA notification process to either an online or app-based version. I told them that I could indeed be amenable to such an approach so long as it made my life easier!

    It would at least remove the risk of sending in out-of-date versions of the forms.