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Competent Person Scheme vs JIB Gold card

Hi there!   

I heard that IET in the process to get the JIB Gold Card into Competent Person Scheme (CPS).  Does anyone know when will the change be taken place?  

I want to join the Competent Person Scheme, I got the JIB Gold card in this year since I got the exemption from taking NVQ Level 3 before the new regulation implemented Sep 2021.  However, I were told to take C&G2357 / 2346 + C&G2391-52 to get the qualification to be either Domestic Installer  / Approved Contractor of NIECE / NAPIT.

My point is if the JIB Gold card recongise me, why the CPS cannot recongise me?  The point is totally contradictory itself because the JIB Gold card represents my competence at least NVQ Level 3 standard or else I can't get the gold card.

Your suggestion / comment is appreciated.

Thank you.

  • That seems to be the case Chiu. It’s a very unsatisfactory situation and I sympathise with your predicament. Have you written to the various parties in case this is just an anomaly that has t been plugged?

  • HI Chiu

    I would guess that should you let the gold card card lapse, you may not get it back again, so be careful that you don't let it lapse and pay every year.

    Many people have the opposite problem to yours, and the CPS recognize an electricians competence when the JIB does not. 

    Kind Regards