The ability to self-declare “competence” should not be possible.

Having looked for the Electrical Safety Round Table website this morning, I left the page open and went back to it again; and have been looking at the campaigns.

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Any thoughts?

  • As stated, above... part P was to make money for the colleges'... etc. I know many electricians' that do the works, (re-wires etc), go to the pub and get a cert from their friendly part P electrician, ( for a drink as this saves all of the bother of going part P, and probably, the lack of qualifications, too PLUS... I also know, ((and heard of this from other sparks')), many part P electricians' that just fill in their own figures, (without doing any testing), on the test sheets'... I would never do this as I worry too much)), when the person issuing the cert has never seen the works! I really do not know what part P has achieved, other than it being a profitable project for some.  I don't come here to make waves... just stating, (as John Cleese would say), "The Bleeding Obvious" BUT, who knows, I could be wrong?! All the best, to all! 

  • I suspect it was introduced to a) provide a audit trail for the tax man, & b) with the opening of borders by Bliar back in the day, Prescott saw the influx from eastern europe and the potential for our standards to drop to theirs as new workers flooded the UK jobs market.

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  • Hiya, I agree... not too sure I should have posted, what I did? I was doing some wiring, and plumbing, for a restaurant, in Carshalton, (this is regarding 'dropping standards'), and he had a Polish worker there, too. He said he wanted me to alter some copper gas supply and I said no,  (not that I couldn't do it... it was because I am not allowed to do it - yep, I fit combi boilers' but get a gas-safe chap to commision them), so he told this Polish 'handyman' to do it and he did! NO checks just did it and left it. 

    I don't wanna push my luck BUT... I still cannot work out why the RYB was changed? It's caused soooo much confusion... I'll leave this, here!